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Notably, this page displays vintage lapidary equipment that we place in new households.

Indeed, you may want to purchase equipment on our “equipment for sale” page, so you are not missing out on these classic exceptional machines!

In other words, you can always purchase (expensive) current equipment, such as from Highland Park Lapidary, but these are new  machines, often from overseas. Consequently, there is nothing like vintage American Made lapidary machines of the golden age of lapidary.

Most importantly, our prices for solid vintage American lapidary machines are considerably less than the price of new machines. Most interestingly, in many instances vintage machines are of better quality! Of course, these machines are before “product obsolescence” becomes the goal of manufacturers.

Of course, we are always looking to buy lapidary equipment to supply to everybody from rock collectors to jewelry makers!Beacon Star Lapidary Combination Machine

First of all, there is this very unique combo machine with water cooled saw. Beacon Star Combination Machine $395.00 – SOLD

Beacon Star GP 6 Model 6" lapidary machine

Secondly, here is a Beacon Star Model GB-6 with 6″ wheels. Most notably, this model features one hard wheel, 2 expandable drum wheels, and an end buffer.  Grinder, Sander Polisher… this unit has it all! Consequently, it is easy to disassemble with 2 hand screws to change wheels or belts. $380.00. Repainted and ready to use. Motor sold (here) separately. SOLD

Star Diamond cabbing machine super gp-8
Star Diamond cabbing machine super gp-8

Here we have a Star Diamond Super GP8  Stone wheels (2) Soft wheels (2) End Buff (1) motor $599.00  ( L7035 ) SOLD

Vintage Gem Maker Flat Lap
                                                                                                                Vintage Gem Maker Flat Lap lapidary machine. In fact, this unit has the original water reservoir and variable speed pulley. SOLD

                                                                                                                    Rock Rascal 6″ Lapidary Rock Saw. Albeit, this saw is well used, it still has the capability of cutting lots of more rocks  – $195.00. SOLD 

Raytech 10" Rock Saw
                                                                                            In this case, we have a  Raytech 10″ Lapidary Rock Saw – $375.00. SOLD

Hi-Tech Flat Lap

Indeed, this is a quality Hi-Tech Diamond Flat Lap with variable speed dial- $269.00. SOLD 

Additionally, here is a like new Covington Lapidary 10″ Rock Saw with clear lid. Most notably, it looks like it has very light use. Coincidentally, these new saws do not include the blade or the clear cover, as they are an extra cost. Consequently, why invest over $1,100.00 when this like-new one is only $700.00 (L7093) – SOLD 

Hi-Tech Diamond Abrasive Equipment Polisher
                                                                                     Also, here is a Hi-Tech Diamond Abrasive Equipment Polisher with variable speed dial- $100.00. SOLD

Frantom Combination Lapidary machine
                                                                                 Moreover, this Frantom Combination Lapidary machine comes with handmade wood cabinet. Most notably, this machine has two stone wheels, expandable drum and buffing pad – $495.00. SOLD                                                                                                                             

Highland Park E-10 Combination Machine
                                                                                       As a matter of fact, this custom paint Highland Park E-10 Combination Trim Saw attaches to a Grinding Machine. Most interestingly, this unit comes with a custom made iron stand – Ready to use – $475.00. SOLD 

Frantom Lapidary Combination Unit                                                                                                                                                         In addition, here is a Frantom 5 Wheel combo unit.  Consequently, the original trim saw is gone, and has been replaced with an additional wheel. Most interestingly, Fran and Tom (Frantom) are a husband and wife team from Gardena, Cal. – $475.00. SOLD

Diamond Pacific Lapidary Genie

As a matter of fact, this Highland Park Genie comes with a strong smooth Baldor motor. Also, it includes 2 lights and several Nova wheels. Most notably, it needs spacers, “geysers” and a new base, as the original is warped (as seen in photo). Consequently, the wheels are in used condition. Only $750.00 . . . not a $2,100 new one with a waiting list! SOLD                                                                                       


Star Diamond Industries Model No. TS-10 Lapidary Saw
Star Diamond Industries Model No. TS-10 Lapidary Saw with automatic feed- $325.00. SOLD 


Diamond Pacific Lapidary Titan
Diamond Pacific Lapidary Titan                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Diamond Pacific Titan (New price direct from Diamond Pacific $3,500 – 4,500.00) Most importantly, this machine is Diamond Pacific’s flagship model. Most notably, year after year, the price of this machine keeps going up. In conclusion, our price . . . including two new Nova Wheels $2,000.00.  SOLD                                                                                         

Also, we sell flat laps fairly regularly. As a matter of fact, here is a 6″ flat lap with variable 3 speed pulley for only $99.00. SOLD                                                         


First of all, we offer this restored (Frantom?) lapidary combination machine with aluminum base, two expandable drums, end buffer, motor, and 6″ saw. For example, we sand down rough spots and repaint the entire unit . . . ready to use $600.00 SOLD                     

                                                          Raytech Lapidary Variable Speed Buffer/Polisher

In addition, here we have a Raytech Lapidary variable speed buffer and polisher Model BF-1 $149.00. Most noteworthy, through all our research, we cannot find another one! SOLD             


Vintage Rubber Canister Rock Tumbler                                                                                                          Also, we offer this vintage Rock Tumbler with motor and rubber tumbler $49.00 (L0609). SOLD                                              

Loritone LU-6X Combination Lapidary Machine

Also, here is a Loritone model LU-6X Combination Lapidary Machine. Here you have a saw, sander and polisher all-in-one. Runs great . . . a fresh coat of paint, and you are ready to go! $395.00 (L0608). SOLD                                      

FRANTOM Lapidary Saw 810 10"
FRANTOM Lapidary Saw 810 10″

FRANTOM 810 Model 10″ Rock Saw  Indeed, this unit includes a heavy duty rock vise, blade guard, and rock feed pulley. Most notably, this unit is for sale as in photo – just add a motor (for sale here separately) $249.00! (L0604) SOLD

Highland Park Lapidary Model J2 Rock Saw 18″ $1,000 SOLD

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