• First of all, we love to buy and sell vintage lapidary equipment! Most notably, many of these vintage machines accept non-proprietary parts. Most importantly, these replaceable parts include motors, expandable drum wheels, replacement bearings, etc.

  • Secondly, manufacturers such as Highland Park, Diamond Pacific and Raytech . . . manufacture their machines to last!  For instance, they use non-corrosive metals such as aluminum and stainless steel.

  • Consequently, we BUY and SELL all types of secondary market lapidary equipment.

  • Most importantly, our inventory is constantly changing.

  • In addition, below are several machines that we currently have for sale (subject to prior sale). 

  • * Most notably, we only offer


  •  As a matter of fact, due to the size, weight, and in some cases fragility,





                                   Graves Lapidary Cabmate All-In-One


Also, here is another vintage all-in-one lapidary machine, the Graves CabMate. In addition, it includes the abrasives, as pictured. Graves still manufactures  this unit, (New =$699.00)  with abrasives. Our price = $299.00     




Lapidary Flat Lap 6"
Also, here is a Lapidary Flat Lap 6″ Vintage, built to last, sold without motor (for sale separately depending on H.P. desired) $169.00 ( L0998 )                                                           



  In addition, here is Blake’s Compact Gem Polisher . Most notably, this unit has wood spools and uses different polishes to achieve the luster you want.  $169.00  (L0525)                                                                                                      

Grypon Industries Diamond Lap Polisher

Also, here is a heavy duty Gryphon Industries Workshop Diamond Lap Polisher.  Totally customizable with 90 degree tilt able top table and variable speed. German Engineering. Cabbing, Faceting, Polishing $495.00 (L7097)

  Neycraft Jewelry Casting Burn-out Furnace

Finally, we offer this Neycraft Jewelry Casting Burn-out Kiln  (Knob included, but not pictured)  Consequently, this machine is available at a much lower price than the $1,200.00 Rio Grande originally charged!  Ours is only $695.00 (L0527)


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