Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

In particular, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is from just outside of Globe, Arizona. Surprisingly, the mine name comes from the outline of the mountain range. Namely, the outline of the mountain looks like a woman laying on her back!

To put it another way, this turquoise is a beautiful sky blue! In general, this turquoise starts off with a white or tan matrix. Markedly, the mine owners explain the appearance of the turquoise. To clarify, black media mixes with the turquoise, via a cement mixer. The black attaches itself to where the white and tan matrix occurs. Another key point is that any pieces which are lacking any matrix, goes directly over seas. It must be remembered, the American public like the black contrast. 

Most notably, we have among the last marketed Sleeping Beauty Turquoise nuggets. Most importantly, they come direct from the miners of the Sleeping Beauty Mine Turquoise in Globe, Arizona.  

  • First of all, the mine is now CLOSED and there is NO new Sleeping Beauty Turquoise available. Consequently, the mine last produces turquoise in 2012.

  • Equally important, the nugget in the picture is representative of the nuggets we have in stock.

  • As a matter of fact, each nugget is different, as it comes “straight from the mine.”

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Nugget available at Tucson Lapidary
Uniquely, these Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Nuggets are only available at Tucson Lapidary                                                                    

Sleeping Beauty Nuggets on cards, direct from the mine owners.

  • Above all, the Sleeping Beauty Mine has closed.
  • In summery, they are only $25.00 per card.
Sleeping Beauty warehouse in Globe Arizona (now closed)
A photograph we took a few years back of the Sleeping Beauty warehouse, which still stands (without the signage) in Globe Arizona                                
Sleeping Beauty Mine Headquarters (Now Closed)
By all means, we have among the last photographs of the Sleeping Beauty Mine Headquarters in Globe, Arizona.                                                                                                            
Tucson Lapidary is inside the American Antique Mall
Finally, Tucson Lapidary is inside the American Antique Mall                                                                                      

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