Most noteworthy, we purchase this rare Highland Park automatic cabochon making machine. In addition, this obsolete lapidary machine manufacture is just before Highland Park Lapidary goes out of business in 1979. Finally, the Youtube video explains the operation of this interesting machine. I hope you enjoy the video!

First of all, this machine comes from the factory with a full set of cabochon shape steel dome templates. These templates range in different sizes, and include round and oval shapes. There are two receiver holes in which to insert the template dome with attachment stick, and another to receive a metal dop stick with the stone attached that you wish to shape to match the  template.  The stone that you want to shape needs to be in the form of a pre-cut slab. Further, the pre-form needs to be cut into an oval or disc shape, corresponding  to the template shape and size you want to achieve.

Most importantly, when you turn this Highland Park Lapidary automatic cabochon machine on,  the motor spins the two sticks at the same rate. The motor also moves up and down. The rough pre-form against the shaping wheel, and the template cabochon is rolled against a steel plate, which duplicates it’s shape onto the rough stone.

Additionally, a counter weight keeps pressure of the wheels against the prospective plate and shaping wheel. At the end of the machine is an expandable drum wheel which holds a fine grit sandpaper belt with which to give the stone a final polish.

As a water system was not original to the machine, a water drip system needs to be added.

In conclusion, it is an amazing machine, demonstrating advance engineering and ingenuity!  Consequently, the company who buys the Highland Park lapidary name and trademarks does not currently sell anything like this!

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