WE SELL Turquoise Cabochons & Nuggets


Tucson Lapidary has turquoise cabochons for jewelry. 

Equally important, we sell all grades of turquoise:


First of all, we sell economically priced cabochons from miscellaneous American mines: 75 ¢ / carat!

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Secondly, we sell authentic Bisbee Turquoise cabochons typically: $3.00 to 10.00 / carat.  

Bisbee Turquoise Cabochons
Bisbee Turquoise Cabochons

Also, Tucson Lapidary also sells turquoise nuggets for art projects.

Bags of turquoise nuggets and turquoise chips for hobby
Bags of turquoise nuggets and turquoise chips for hobby                         
  • These bags are representative of the turquoise that we constantly have in stock.
  • Notably, some turquoise that we carry and offer in these bags are stabilized and some are not. We have both blue and green turquoise in stock.
  • Most importantly, this turquoise color is consistent throughout and is ideal for crushing for a variety of lapidary projects.

Tucson Lapidary also sells turquoise rough for amateur and professional jewelry makers.

Tucson Lapidary Turquoise Showcase
Furthermore, here is a Tucson Lapidary Turquoise Showcase                                                                                              

Lastly, Tucson Lapidary is inside the American Antique Mall

Tucson Lapidary in Tucson Arizona
Moreover, Tucson Lapidary in Tucson Arizona                                                                             

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