First of all, this is a rare and complete copy of Highland Park Lapidary Equipment Gem Cutting Equipment. Furthermore, it features helpful hints for your hobby from 1970. Most interestingly, there is a current company who operates under the trade name Highland Park Lapidary. In addition, to view a 1969 catalog, please click HERE.

Secondly, this vintage catalog features large lapidary saws. Thirdly, this catalog features slab saws with power feeds. Furthermore, it further features trim saws.

Most interestingly, this catalog shows many different combination machines. In addition, these lapidary machines incorporate polishing wheels along with saw units. Consequently, Faceting Machines, Congo Wheels and Expandable drums close out the catalog contents.

To view a 1969-70 catalog, please click HERE

⇒ Finally, click on any page for a magnified view . .

 In conclusion, I hope you find this information interesting and useful! Incidentally, it will take a little time to fully load…

⇒ Correspondingly, please click on any page for a magnified view . . .  Finally, I hope you find this information interesting and useful! Above all, it will take a little time to fully load…

1970/71 Highland Park Lapidary Catalog
First of all, here is the 1970 / 71 Highland Park Lapidary Catalog Cover

Secondly, here is the Table of Contents page 1    

In addition, here is a 36 inch model U-1 rugged dependable slab saw with power feed

Also, here is a 24″ model U-24 big rugged slab saw with power feed. 

Highland Park Catalog Page 4

Likewise, here are 20″ slab saws with hoods.                                            

Equally, here are 16″ to 18″ slab saws with power feed.

Highland Park Lapidary Catalog Page 6

Furthermore, here is a Slab saw for the small gem cutting shop.

1970 Highland Park Catalog Page 7
Moreover, here are Slab saws with Lucite hoods Page 7.                                           
1970 Highland Park Catalog Page 8
Similarly, here is a Hi Speed Trim Saw with automatic feed attachment Page 8.                                                                              
1970 Highland Park Catalog Page 9
By the same token, here is a Trim saw, “now with cross-feed vice” Page 9                                              
1970 Highland Park Catalog Page 10
Additionally, here are more Trim Saws Page 10                                   
1970 Highland Park Catalog Page 11
Comparatively, here is a Rapid Trim and Slabbing Saw Page 11                                           
1970 Highland Park Catalog Page 12
Then again, here is a Combination Trim Saw Page 12                                                                     

In contrast, here is a Faceters Trim Saw Page 13                                    

Interestingly, here is a A50 & A52 Highland Park Combination Unit Page 14   

Moreover, here are B50 & B52 Combination Units Page 15   

Additionally, here are E50 and E52 Combination Units Page 16   

Also, here is a B-12 Highland Park Combination Unit Page 17   

Comparatively, here is a B-10 Combination Unit Page 18    

Comparatively, here is a E10 Highland Combination Machine Page 19    

In contrast, here is a floor model E-12 Highland Combination Unit Page 20    

Additionally, here are E-20 & E-70 Highland Park Combination Units Page 21    

Also, here are Model AB & A & B Arbors Page 22   

Arbors with Splash Guards and Pans Page 23    

Price Guide for Arbors and Splash Pans

Highland Park Catalog Price Guide

Additional Price Guide

Ball Bearing Arbor Page 24

Flat Polishing Machine Highland Park Catalog Page 25

Cast Iron Lap Page 26

Sphere Machine and Vibralaps Page 27

Belt Sanders Page 28

Tumblers Highland Park Page 29 

Tumblers in the Highland Park Catalog Page 30

Faceting Unit Page 31 

 Faceting Accessories Page 32  

3M Diamond Products Page 33

  Cabbing Belts Page 34

Crystalite Diamond Products Page 35

Polishing and Sanding Heads Page 36

  Diamond Point Wheel Dressers Page 37

Grinding Wheels Page 38 

Congo Diamond Blades Page 39

  Congo Superior Diamond Blades Page 40

First, accessories and supplies Page 41

  Additional Accessories and Supplies Page 42  

1970 / 71 Highland Park Catalog Page 43 

 1970 / 71 Highland Park Catalog Page 44  

  Not to mention, more accessories and Supplies 

Interestingly, here is the H.P. Pro Carva-Gem Drill Page 46.

  Finally, here is a Vibro Lap on Rear Cover

Additionally, here is an internal memo of the Highland Park Merger with MK Diamond Products Announcement

Moreover, here is a magazine announcement of Joining Forces with MK Diamond


Correspondingly, here is a Prospective Dealer Letter

Comparatively, here are Dealer Discounts

Lastly, here are Catalog Bloopers!

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